Naked ladies

naked ladies 1000This is a ‘puzzle’ designed by Stephen Miller of Pyro Puzzles, and it’s quite fiddly to do, especially the face. So I actually turned the job down at first, and asked a friend to try and do it on his CNC lathe instead. The difficulty was finding hardwood in a big enough size that is not horrendously expensive, so he tried it with softwood, which suffered bad tearout. The deadline was fast approaching, so I persuaded the client to let me do it in a smaller size and took it on with a week to go, with some 2×2 sapele that I can get easily. The whole sculpture is about eight inches high.

The idea is that you present it in bits and the recipient puts it together, wondering what on earth it is.

Because it’s done by hand, the spindles aren’t identical even though they’re done from the same template. So you have two backs and two fronts that are slightly different. That means you’ve got four potential ladies, but only three in any particular configuration of spindles.

Finished in cellulose sanding sealer and microcrystalline wax.