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cabinet try assemblyOne step forward, two steps back. Just cutting a rebate in one of the sides to locate the shelf, and realised that the side had bowed across the grain by at least two millimetres – bummer! and I had already cut it to width! Will this oak never stop moving?

OK, so what you do is, you get the track saw out again, set it up carefully (takes ages) and cut along one of the joints (the cut itself takes a few seconds), then when it relaxes do the lolly stick trick (see earlier post), clamp to stop it moving sideways but not in such a way that you put the wood under stress, and cut again. Theoretically you should have a nicely fitting joint, but for some reason that I haven’t yet been able to fathom it took three attempts. And in fact I did two of the three joints, because having cut the centre one, one of the two halves was also bowed so I split that one too. It looked as though one of the boards would need to be replaced, but thankfully it seems OK now. There will be a little more flattening to do but it shouldn’t take off more than a mm or so, still within allowable limits.

So anyway, this meant that I had to re-do the front fillets (lips? I don’t know the terminology, but I mean the L-shaped piece on the front of each side that hides the edges of the glass doors when they’re closed and generally makes the cabinet look chunkier), because I’d lost 5mm with all that re-jointing. I mean they call the blade ‘thin kerf’ but it’s 2.2mm which is plenty. So I went back to the timber store, more time taken out, and got some more wood. Luckily the weather is reasonably mild so it isn’t too hypothermic in the garage, so I got on with cutting the fillets on the table saw leaving some leeway for jointing.

By the way I’ve discovered that this oak really doesn’t like the router. Even with a brand new cutter it was tearing pieces out, even going a tiny bit at a time. The table saw seems to do a better job, and leaves me with offcuts which if nothing else can go in the fire. The compost bin already gets plenty of sawdust.

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