Workshop revamped

workshop3My current project, the big display cabinet, is too big for my tiny workshop as it was, so I’ve changed it around so that I can work on the eight-foot boards in comfort – there is just enough room if the bench extends into the window recess. The work I’ve done on the boards so far was in the garage on a makeshift bench made from a piece of 18mm plywood across the table saw and roller stands. But it’s too cold to work in there at this time of year, and the glue needs to dry indoors anyway. So I’ve brought that piece of ply upstairs and supported it between the router table, which I won’t need for this project, and the workbench. Meanwhile I’ve made another bench along the longest wall for the lathe, the little bandsaw and other bits and pieces.

There’s a lot more room to work, even with the extra bench (though I did sacrifice the linisher and the floor standing bandsaw). workshop2There still won’t be room to assemble the cabinet in there, but I can at least work on the individual pieces and it’s very good for my biceps to carry the large boards downstairs to put it together. It’s going to be flat-pack anyway. It took me three days to do the rearrangement, make the long bench, put up the shelves and decide where to put everything, but it’s going to pay huge dividends in terms of the time to completion. For future large projects I might see about a neater bridge between the benches so I can get at the router table without having to manhandle an eight-foot by two-foot board and then find somewhere to put it. But time is of the essence, and this board will have a sacrificial purpose when I use the circular saw along the oak boards to joint them. I’ll set the saw a millimetre or so deeper than the workpiece, which will mean the plywood will develop some grooves.

Meanwhile, I think the workshop will stay like this for a long time. It never did feel quite right in its previous arrangement.

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